Special Academic Considerations

ROTC Credits

Regardless of whether or not you are commissioned, if you complete Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) courses for your ROTC program may substitute three ROTC credits for the GHA requirement and three ROTC credits for a course designated by their major department. 

If you plan carefully, successful completion of the ROTC program can also lead to a minor in military studies. Please work closely with your academic adviser and ROTC officers. You must get a signed schedule plan and review it with your assigned faculty adviser. If you have not been admitted into a major, please meet with your faculty adviser in the Engineering Advising Center. If you are at a Commonwealth Campus, please meet with the proper advising resource at your campus

Please note: If you leave the ROTC program before all the courses are completed or before your graduating semester, you may not use any ROTC course work to substitute for a degree requirement.

For more information about Penn State's ROTC program, visit their website

Fraternity and Sorority Pledging

College is an exciting time and you are likely eager to get involved in a lot of activities, including, perhaps, fraternity and sorority pledging. 

We strongly discourage you from pledging during your first year of engineering studies due to the rigors of your classwork and the need to adjust your time for your academic responsibilities. Please remember, poor academic performance due to pledging is not an acceptable reason for failure to qualify for a major.



The Engineering Advising Center (EAC) serves as the academic advising resource for students in pre-major status (ENGR) at University Park. Once students have been admitted to a College of Engineering major, they will be assigned to a faculty adviser in that major.

Engineering Advising Center

208 Hammond Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-863-1033