Using Starfish

To schedule an appointment with an adviser through Starfish:

  • Click on the blue button “Schedule an Appointment”
  • You might have to log in if you weren’t already in the Starfish system
  • You should be in the “Services” tab of Starfish in the University Park—College of Engineering Advising center page
  • You will see a list of all the Service Members to choose from to make an appointment. There are several pages of advisers.
  • Click on “Schedule Appointment” next to the member profile of the adviser you wish to schedule with (please make sure you are scheduling with the appropriate adviser—general or faculty)
  • Click the + icon next to the appointment time that fits your schedule
  • Select a reason for the appointment
  • Type a detailed description for the meeting to help the adviser prepare for your meeting
  • Once you create the appointment, you will get an email confirming the appointment and you will get a reminder closer to the appointment time. Your “Dashboard” will show you all of your appointments.


The Engineering Advising Center (EAC) serves as the academic advising resource for students in pre-major status (ENGR) at University Park. Once students have been admitted to a College of Engineering major, they will be assigned to a faculty adviser in that major.

Engineering Advising Center

208 Hammond Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-863-1033