Schreyer Scholars

Scholars in the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State who wish to be advised by a faculty member in a particular major are assigned to a scholar's adviser in the major of their choice. Scholars' advisers are available in each department. Dr. Christine Masters, assistant dean for academic support and global programs, is the faculty adviser for Schreyer Scholars in ENGR status who are uncertain of their major, are exploring major choices, and/or do not wish to be advised in a particular department. To request an appointment with Dr. Masters, please call 814-863-1033.

Schreyer Scholars in ENGR status who wish to change the department from which they receive academic advising must notify the Engineering Advising Center of their new major or interest. The new department will be notified by the EAC and asked to assign the scholar to a departmental scholar's adviser. 

Schreyer Scholars Faculty Adviser

  • Dr. Christine Masters
    Assistant Dean for Academic Support and
    Global Programs


The Engineering Advising Center (EAC) serves as the academic advising resource for students in pre-major status (ENGR) at University Park. Once students have been admitted to a College of Engineering major, they will be assigned to a faculty adviser in that major.

Engineering Advising Center

208 Hammond Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-863-1033