Advising for In-Major Students

Upon being admitted to a major in the College of Engineering, you will be assigned a faculty adviser in your major. Once the assignment is made, contact information can be found in LionPATH

Please see the table below for the name of the faculty member representing each major. Meeting with a faculty adviser can be especially helpful when a student is working on long-term scheduling plans (for ROTC, a semester study abroad, concurrent majors, etc.) or would like to learn whether a specific engineering major might be a good fit for his/her interests and goals.

If you don’t know the name of your adviser, please contact your department’s support staff.

College of Engineering In-Major Advisers
Major Contact(s) Email Phone
Aerospace Engineering Dr. Robert Melton 814-865-1185
Amy Custer 814-865-6432
Architectural Engineering Moses Ling 814-863-3416
Chris Decoteau 814-863-2078
Biological Engineering Dr. Megan Marshall 814-865-3392
Wendy Thomas 814-863-1524
Biomedical Engineering Dr. Justin Brown 814-865-5190
Angela Hall 814-863-6614
Chemical Engineering Dr. Michael Janik 814-863-9366
Angela Dixon 814-865-2574
Jennie Gibson 814-865-9670
Civil Engineering Dr. Martin Pietrucha 814-863-7306
Brenton Hockenberry 814-867-0470
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Computational Data Sciences
Dr. John Hannan 814-863-0702
Amanda Collins 814-865-9505
Electrical Engineering David Salvia 814-865-7227
Gabi Rhinehart 814-865-7272
Engineering Science Dr. Lucas Passmore 814-867-5409
Jessa Leskovansky 814-865-4523
Industrial Engineering Elena Joshi 814-863-3395
Denise Olivett 814-865-7602
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Eric Marsh 814-865-5242
Lori Yarger 814-863-1503
Nuclear Engineering Leigh Winfrey 814-865-1339
Beth Huber 814-863-6938

If you are at a Commonwealth Campus but have been admitted into a University Park major through the early entrance-to-major process, you will continue to be advised at your current campus. 



The Engineering Advising Center (EAC) serves as the academic advising resource for students in pre-major status (ENGR) at University Park. Once students have been admitted to a College of Engineering major, they will be assigned to a faculty adviser in that major.

Engineering Advising Center

208 Hammond Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-863-1033